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Our primary goal is to provide developmentally appropriate educational experiences and opportunities meeting best practice standards for children, their families, and staff members in a high-quality early education environment.

The Meacham Early Education Campus recognizes that children are unique individuals.  All aspects of their growth follow a pattern but most importantly, we recognize that development is at the child’s own rate.  Child Care Associates (CCA) believes children learn best through play.  Therefore, we provide environments and a curriculum, which are age-appropriate for young children, flexible enough to meet their individual needs and interesting and fun enough to spark their imagination. This type setting provides opportunities for children to develop to their full potential physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually.  CCA also believes that families are a child’s first teacher and that together we can create an environment where your child feels safe to try new activities, encouraged on their attempts and praised on their successes. 

The Meacham Early Education Campus welcomes all children regardless of language, class, culture, race, or family structure. Additionally, we will gladly incorporate any Individual Family Service Plans (IFSPs) or Individual Education Plans (IEPs) with our curriculum to best meet your child’s needs.

Child Care Associates is making a lifetime of difference…one child at a time.

Infant Program

A safe and nurturing space

Our infant programs are designed to help your baby grow and learn in a loving environment. Our infant teachers offer quality moments to ensure your baby is happy and safe. Our teachers develop individualized lesson plans and provide daily report to parents so they can share in the experience. Our program includes:

  • Research-based curriculum
  • Highly trained teaching staff
  • Nurturing learning environments

Toddler Program

Fostering a love for play and learning

Our toddler programs offer the space and energy for our children to flourish during this rapid growth period. With spacious classrooms and learning environments that promote play and exploration, toddlers are able to develop strong motor skills and master new developing abilities. Our program includes:

  • Nurturing guidance to develop emerging skills
  • Fun and engaging lesson plans
  • Educational environments that promote play and a love for learning

Twos Program

An energetic, playful and interactive experience

Our busy bee 2-year old programs are designed to strengthen children’s emerging independence through play and interactive educational activities. Teachers develop lesson plans that promote growth and  inspire children to love the learning journey. Our two year old program includes:

  • Building strong and positive teacher-child interactions
  • Promoting friendship and social-emotional development
  • A variety of hands-on learning opportunities

Early Preschool Program

Promoting school readiness

Our preschool I programs serve to prepare children for school through age-appropriate learning activities. We learn to build positive teamwork habits with our friends and further develop our self-help and independence. Our preschool I program helps children:

  • Learn from a best in class curriculum
  • Help build collaborative working habits
  • Gain more independence

Preschool Program

Kindergarten readiness

Our preschool II programs are interactive and designed to help children prepare for school success. We incorporate literacy and math elements to our lesson plans creatively and in a fun way that promotes a love for learning. Our Preschool II program focuses on:

  • Building strong communication skills
  • Strengthening reading and math concepts
  • Getting children ready for school and beyond
Child Care