Our Mission

Investing in the future of children,
families, and communities.

Educating children in the early years leads to healthier, more successful adults and stronger, more productive communities. At Child Care Associates, this simple idea is the core of everything we do.

We help lay a foundation for success by:

  • Providing high-quality early learning experiences to young children
  • Delivering child care financial assistance and other vital resources to parents
  • Offering professional development opportunities to educators

We also understand that investing in children goes beyond learning. We take a “whole-child, whole-family” approach that includes:

Preparing children for kindergarten. We boost school readiness among low-income children by helping them develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for achievement. We also improve the educational quality of child care programs by providing vital resources, professional development, and quality assessments.​

Getting families more involved. You simply can’t overstate the importance of the family in the development of a child. By providing skills coaching and financial subsidies to parents, we engage them with their child’s development and education.

Improving the overall well-being of children. Children learn best when basic needs are met. We promote physical and behavioral health in multiple ways: providing each child with a doctor, dentist, immunizations, and developmental screenings; serving nutritious meals in a family-style setting; and developing children’s resilience amid adverse life experiences.

Working together, we can nurture the possibilities that exist within each child.

Five overarching goals

What lies ahead for Child Care Associates? To guide our efforts, we’ve adopted these goals for the years 2018-2028.

  1. Provide high-quality early learning services with a focus on scaling programs serving children from birth through age 5.
  2. Serve the whole child and whole family.
  3. Champion the creation of a high-quality system.
  4. Strengthen the pipeline of talent in early education.
  5. Build partnerships with families and schools to support continued development through third grade and beyond.

We believe all young children deserve the benefits of quality early education and care.