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Decades of research overwhelmingly support the positive effects of quality early-learning experiences on children’s lives. It’s no wonder then that educators, politicians, researchers and families have honed in on early childhood education as a means to invest not only in the future of America, but also to help deter and improve any number of complex social issues. With more than 140 early education classrooms serving young children across Tarrant County, CCA’s learning environments are ideal places to incubate best practice and early-stage opportunities for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.



The Incredible Years®

CCA recognizes that parents are a child’s most important teacher and knows that every child deserves an incredible childhood. We seek to further strengthen the role parents play in their child’s overall development through the launch of evidence-based The Incredible Years® program during our 2016-2017 academic year. CCA Head Start/Early Head Start and community families will benefit from this mulit-week parent education program that improves parenting and school readiness. The program is designed to improve social competence, emotional regulation, and parent involvement.

Evaluating the Incredible Years®

CCA measures parent progress in skills development and practices as well as child outcomes already tracked in the Head Start and Early Head Start programs. For parent progress we intend to measure success through tools designed to focus on measuring parental disciplinary practices, the amount of quality parental involvement both in the classroom and at home and parenting skills.

Classroom On-Going Research

Circle Park
1519 Circle Park Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76164

Arlington II
525 Browning Drive
Arlington, TX 76010

Uplift Meridian Preparatory

Teaming up with The Rainwater Charitable Foundation and Uplift Meridian Preparatory , CCA is launching a new model for Pre-K, joint Pre-K/Head Start and Head Start Services from the Fort Worth based Meridian Uplift campus in Fall 2016. The model boasts 4 classrooms delivering slightly different services—an ideal natural experiment. Independent evaluators will monitor the students’ progress through kindergarten and continue to track their progress through at least their third grade year, regardless of at which school they choose to enroll.

CCA’s Incredible Years® parent education sites:

CCA trained Incredible Years® facilitators support parent groups by encouraging active discussions and real-life practice simulations.

Classroom A:

Uplift ½ Day Pre-K
4-year olds
36-40 students
AM Session—18-20 students
PM Session--18-20 students

Classroom C:

Community Head Start—All Day
3-year olds
17 students*

Classroom B:

Uplift Head Start/Pre-K-All Day
4-year olds
36-40 students
AM Session—18-20 students
PM Session--18-20 students

Classroom D:

Community Head-Start All-Day
4-year olds
36-40 students
AM Session—18-20 students
PM Session--18-20 students

This model will not only provide Head Start and pre-kindergarten services proven to support the healthy development of young children, but will also allow for CCA and partnering researchers to conduct evaluations of each type of classroom. The findings of this research will allow CCA to determine the differing effects individual services may deliver, helping CCA to identify what the most effective early childhood education practices are, and subsequently, invest in them.

Our research will shed light on the following questions:

  • Does half-day pre-kindergarten services produce similar student outcomes as full-day pre-kindergarten?
  • Do Head Start family-oriented services make a demonstrable difference in student and family outcomes?
  • How do Head Start and Pre-kindergarten educated students fair in school in elementary school compared with the overall public school student population?


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