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Companies and Child Care: It’s Time to Invest

As I conclude my career of decades of leadership positions for a Fortune 500 company, becoming forthright about the need for employers to invest in child care has surprised many. After all, I have not typically been an executive quick to offer public support for social causes.  Rather, I believe in

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Texas legislators should improve child care systems

Recent news reports have shed light on the alarming challenges in keeping Texas children safe in child care. We have seen heartbreaking stories in North Texas and around the state about injuries to young children in child care, including the tragic, yet entirely preventable, deaths of our youngest and most

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Without early childhood education, the Texas miracle won’t last

The “Texas Miracle” has become a common description for the state’s vibrant economy and successes. While we have much to celebrate, meeting the needs of our current workforce and providing our children with a solid educational foundation are critical to maintaining opportunity and potential in the State of Texas. Fortunately,

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